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World Class Smiles!

We understand that a visit to the dental office is filled with emotional concerns. That is why we leave no stone unturned in making your visit comfortable; from the moment you walk in the door, until you leave with enhanced dental health. 

Dr. Thakur, Dr. Leese,  and their staff is committed to making you feel like friends and family; from taking the time to listen and explain to learning about you as a whole person.  We are truly interested in hearing about your family vacations, your work and school accomplishments, and your overall life.  This interaction makes our relationships mutually enjoyable; allowing patient, staff and Dr. Ortolano to feel positive about these human contacts we have.  From the friendly smile you receive the moment you enter our office you will know we care.

We are also concerned about your overall health. It has been undeniably determined that there are  many links between oral health and complete physical health. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and low birth weight babies are just a few of the connections that have been linked at this point in time.  We always keep your overall health in mind when we see you each and every visit. 

Digital Sensors are cutting edge dental technology that can reduce your radiation exposure by 90%

With pride, we have invested in the newest technology that dentistry has to offer.  This technology will benefit the health and well being of everyone of our patients.  This comes in the form of a new way of taking x-rays.  No longer will we need to use x-ray film to take pictures of your teeth.  We now have an advanced way of capturing these images with something called a DIGITAL SENSOR.

This is a device that gives us instantaneous pictures of your teeth with significantly less radiation and greater clarity.  No longer do we need to wait 10 minutes to evaluate the pictures of your teeth. Also, digital x-rays gives clearer and more diagnostic pictures and use 80-90% less radiation then conventional x-rays.  That means much less exposure to radiation over a lifetime.  This could result in the need for less extensive dentistry because early and accurate diagnosis has been made easier.

Dr. Thakur & Dr. Leese and their staff would like to close by saying "Welcome, Welcome, Welcome."  Our practice will always make room for you, your family, friends and co-workers. 

We invite you to browse through our website.  We've designed it as a resource to help you learn more about our practice and how together we can help you keep your smile for a lifetime!


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